Trap Table

Joseph Pilates developed his method almost a century ago.  He believed that optimal health and happiness are vital for a balanced mind, body and spirit. He also believed in the attainability of vitality through mindfulness, breathing, strengthening, stretching, and building body awareness. From observing the way animals move and stretch he believed his technique could help us return to our natural physical state. Joseph Pilates drew inspiration from many different cultures and influences evolving his method.


Pilates is a practice of subtlety that values quality over quantity. It requires that you concentrate on your breath and thoughtful movement, restoring alignment and posture. The goal is not to push yourself to fatigue, but rather working with your body to move in a controlled manner with correct form. It is a positive moving experience that is enjoyable.

Like many, I found my way to Pilates after an injury. This method of healing movement can transform your life. Most of my life I suffered from asthma and I worked hard to become a strong runner, after an injury two years ago I felt trapped and depressed.  My classes at All Wellness became the best part of my day, and I realized how important my Pilates practice had become.  It became clear to me that this was one thing in my life I was absolutely sure about.  I chose to study to become a Pilates instructor with Polestar because they combine the most fundamental elements of Joseph Pilates’ technique with cutting edge scientific information and research.

Polestar teaches 6 core principals:

  • Breathing
  • Axial elongation & core control
  • Spine articulation
  • Organization of the head, neck & shoulders
  • Alignment & weight bearing of the extremities
  • Movement integration

Like many Polestar studios, my local studio (All Wellness) offers therapeutic services that are integrated into the Pilates practice. My first experience with Pilates was with physical therapy (PT) on the reformer. The apparatus is a cornerstone of the Pilates method and can offer peace of mind and stability.  The different types of apparatus include the following: reformer, chair, trap table, spine corrector and the ladder barrel.  After moving beyond my pain in PT, I was able to move forward with group reformer and mat classes.  It is important to work in private sessions when starting your practice, most studios require three private lessons before you can take group reformer classes.  The learning and possibility for growth is ongoing and the process is always challenging, engaging and stimulating.


Bridging on reformer

Polestar’s mission is to shape world health by making whole body fitness available to everyone, with science-based techniques, intelligent movement and uniform development of muscles, resulting in complete mastery of body and mind. I chose the Polestar certification because it most closely matched my overall philosophy on attaining true health, and that is to treat the body as the fully integrated system that it is.   We can never grow apathetic or stop searching for knowledge and wisdom.



Ladder Barrel

Ladder Barre

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