On a beautiful day in Manhattan, I meandered from the lower east side through the west village towards the new Whitney Museum of American Art.  It was an unseasonably warm and sunny January day.  I met some of my fellow Skidmore girls by the Hudson River for a chill and chat session before heading over.

Looking out over the river the sky over Jersey City was incredibly atmospheric, we only wished it was over Manhattan because it would have been an amazing shot with the Statue of Liberty in the distance.  On days like this I feel a combination of pleasure in the mild weather and guilt over enjoying global warming.  The sky quickly turned and we started towards the meatpacking district.

We barely escaped a sudden sun shower, rolling into the Whitney in a whirlwind of excitement.  The museum is incredible with ever changing natural light moving across the galleries and creating complex shadows that interact with the artwork.

The exhibition is a journey through Frank Stella’s incredible body of work, spanning over 50 years.  His work has evolved over time,  incorporating new technologies like 3D printing in some of his more recent works.  With over 100 works that include paintings, reliefs, sculptures and drawings the show fills the entire 18,000 square foot gallery.  Another awesome feature of this museum are the terraces on every floor to pop out for some fresh air between galleries.

A retrospective of a legendary living artists like Frank Stella is a rare experience.  It was a wonderful day filled with natural beauty, incredible art and beautiful friends.

If you have the opportunity to see this show, I encourage you go before it closes on February 7th.  For more information on the exhibition visit Frank Stella: A Retrospective.